Storage towels ideas for your bathroom!

Nothing is more annoying than going to use the bathroom and finding it strewn with smelly, soggy towels. There is something magic when you arrive to your bathroom and everything is pretty organized and smells delicious.

We will help you to achieve this, teaching you how to keep bath towels fresh and perfectly storage.

Add some modern style to your bathroom, use a ladder storage: they are compact, portable, and give you flexibility in terms of what you want to store. Put some folded towels with a laundry basket at the bottom, and display houseplants on top.

Try a stool: they are cheap and come in all shapes and sizes. If you choose a wood style, it will add some vintage atmosphere to the space.

Towel Rack: is an excellent towel storage option. It’s not very luxury but practical and easy to clean. So if you prefer an easy life and minimalist atmosphere, this is your perfect option.

Choose a bowl and add some spa luxury atmosphere to your bathroom. This effect is easy to create with an olive wood bowl, which looks beautiful with rolled up white towels inside it.

Have plenty of room on the floor? Get a laundry basket. You can find lots of options, made from wood or synthetic polymer. Whatever you choose, make sure it mixes with your bathroom’s style and verify if your towel can be dried easily there.

If you don’t have a lot of towels to store, a small wood table could be the best option. Fold your towels on top and enjoy it.

Now you know how to storage your towels properly, but the most important tip is to keep them clean and perfectly folded. It will be the clue to have the best design bathroom ever. Even the most beautiful bathroom, could change your mood if you decorate it with dirty towels.

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