Welcome to The beautifully organized world of Sttelli

We’ve been doing this for a while

After working in home accessories for over 15 years, we’ve developed an obsession: to deliver the perfect finishing touches for everyone’s home with style and ease. Let’s delve in.


Our goal is to make the most effective products with flair while keeping costs low so our price points are attainable to everyone.


Because cohesiveness is key in decor, we start with a color, texture or pattern and build products from there.


Mess-free and low-investment, but high-impact. Our carefully crafted and curated collections are the easiest way to rehab any space.

What’s Sttelli?

Glad you asked! We’re a husband and wife team and “sttelli” is a combination of our names, Stephanie and Elias. It also happens to mean “stars” in Italian, which we think is pretty cool.


keep it comfy, keep it stylish, and always stay fresh!

- Elias Gutt


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