Best Organization Tips for Your Bathroom

Have you ever thought about how much time you actually spend in your bathroom?

According to a Bathroom Habit Survey, we spend on average 30 minutes every day in the bathroom, with 1 in 4 people spending more than an hour there. We did the math and it turns out that it’s A LOT of time, so of course, you’ll want to make your time in the loo as pleasant as possible. For that purpose, we’ve made a list of the best ways to keep your bathroom, nice, clean, and organized.

First things first: out with the old!


Before bringing new life into your bathroom, you have to start with a clean slate, so make sure to check all your cabinets and get rid of any expired medication, makeup, and anything that’s served its purpose.  

The keyword is “repurpose”.


After cleaning out your medicine cabinet, we’re pretty sure you’re going to have a lot of space, so instead of filling it up again with stuff that you rarely use, keep the things you want to have in hand. Just because it’s called a “medicine cabinet” it doesn’t mean it’s just for empty Rx bottles! 

Think about your daily routine and figure out which products you use the most… those will become your chosen ones for the cabinet! That way, they are accessible with the added benefit of not cluttering up your counter. This is especially useful for smaller bathrooms. 

are a bathroom’s best friends.

For those bathroom must-haves like your fave towels and robes, some small (or large) hooks go a long way. Play around with placement a bit: a heavy duty hook higher up for your robes, and in the middle for your hand towels, for example. You can also add a spray bottle hanger in a strategic place for easy every-day clean-up! 

Optimize your wall space

Consider adding some shelves to the spaces above the toilet and door. Sometimes we can find a lot of wasted space around those areas, with little add-ons, it will give you some much-needed extra storage 😉. 

It just needs a little spin… literally.

(image courtesy of: The Home Edit)

Let us introduce you to your bathroom’s new best friend. Her name is Susan… Lazy Susan! Whether it’s a larger one for your cleaning supplies under the sink or a smaller one for your favorite skincare products on the counter, these spinning accessories are a great way to keep your stuff organized and handy.


Get extra fancy with some trays and baskets!

If keeping your bath accessories out in the open isn’t an option, corral them in style with trays, baskets, and/or accent drawers. This will help you keep items tidy and it will give your bathroom a sleek look. For misc items like toilet paper or your clean towels (by the way, are you washing your towels enough?), get some baskets! 

There you go! These are a few tips that you can put to work today and give your bathroom the spa treatment it deserves. Now all that’s missing is your personal touch, so find everything else you need for your bathroom with Sttelli.

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