How Often Should I Wash My Towels?

There’s a few mysteries that are yet to be solved like why do sandwiches taste better when they’re cut in triangles, or if cereal is technically a soup, but one thing you won’t have to wonder anymore is something that’s been haunting humanity for centuries: How often do I need to wash my towels? Don’t worry, we’re here to make it clear once and for all.

Unlike other items like your everyday clothes, the dirtiness of towels is kind of tricky to figure out, because TECHNICALLY you’re clean when you use them, right? Does that mean that they don’t get dirty? Well… no.

Even though you might be clean when using your towel, you will also be leaving quite a few dead cells behind; but furthermore, the sole purpose  of a plushy towel is to absorb a lot of water, and it will remain damp for a long time, which means that it will be a perfect environment for some unwanted germs to grow. Yuck! 

This means that, yes, your towels get dirty. Like, really dirty, really fast, actually. And we’re not here to scare you or anything, but dirty towels can be hazardous to your health, too because they can spread viruses, fungi, and bacteria. According to Healthline, the bacteria that causes staph infections (MRSA) has been known to spread on towels. Scary stuff.

So, how often do you really need to wash them? Experts from the Cleaning Institute say that a towel that you use every day after showering should be washed after 3 to 5 uses. You also need to let them dry completely between those times. And that is just for regular-out-of-the-shower use.  Towels that have any type of bodily fluid (yes, that means sweat, too. We’re looking at you, gym towels), or that stay in a humid environment and therefore, don’t dry properly between uses, should be washed after every use.

The good news is that regular detergent gets rid of anything you don’t want on your towels, you don’t need to bleach them or boil them, just read the label, let them dry properly and you’re good to go.

And now you’re probably wondering: “Won’t washing my towels so often make them last less?”. No, it won’t. The life cycle of your towel depends on its quality and how you care for it, but if you’re worried that your current towels won’t be able to take the proper cleaning ways, don’t worry, Sttelli has you covered!

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