Reasons to Make Your Bed Every Morning

Nothing beats getting home from a long day at work and just slipping into a soft, comfy bed for a well deserved night of sleep! Except… did you skip making your bed AGAIN this morning? We get it. Sometimes five minutes can make the difference between getting to work on time or not, but turns out, there’s a lot of really good reasons to go the extra mile every morning and get those sheets and comforter all tidied up. 

According to a survey in Sleepopolis, people who make their beds every day, tend to be more adventurous, social, and confident. They usually also wake up without the need for an alarm, are more active in the mornings, are more organized, AND REST AND SLEEP BETTER. And we’re just getting started...

Making your bed also helps improve your mood, according to author Gretchen Rubin. She found out during her research that one of the simplest changes that led to happiness was making your bed every morning; this lowers your stress levels, which means you can actually relax and isn’t that what we all need in our bedrooms?

And if you’re thinking: “Hey! I don’t need to relax. I need to GET. STUFF. DONE”, we hear you… and you should for sure start with making the bed. According to best-selling author Charles Duhigg, this small habit will make you more productive by starting a chain of other good decisions throughout the day that will give you “a greater sense of well-being and stronger skills at sticking with a budget”. 

So if you’re debating on whether or not you should take a few minutes at the start of your day to clean up a bit, we’re here to tell you: DO IT. It will, quite literally, change your life for the better!

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