Our Story

Sttelli was born over coffee. Two professionals at a coffee shop discussing the importance of value in the products that at that time in their lives they used the most: suitcases. They were both hard pressed to find companies that produced quality travel essentials with design that spoke to them at prices they could afford.

After a few sips of coffee Sttelli was born. Since that day in 2006, travel has never looked so good.

After a few years of getting great compliments on busy airports, the founders decided to bring their concept of value products from high in the air into their home.

Sttelli Home products are designed to look good and last. Sttelli’s team works to create bath accessories and organizers that brighten spaces as well as beautiful super absorbent towels and cozy bed sheets, among other home essentials, that won’t break the bank.

At Sttelli, we are obsessively committed to offering stylish products that make life much more comfortable in every sense of the word. Hence, we live by our motto:

“comfort and style”.