Accentuate your bathroom with Sttelli towels!

Bathroom decorating ideas are not difficult to achieve. For example, designers use patterned towels for a fresh, unexpected look. You can mix patterned towels to add a cheerful note to your bathroom and choose from florals, stripes, spots, and chevrons in a range of towel sizes. Mixing patterns can be easy, but making the end product look good is the real challenge. Follow these easy tips to give your home an effortlessly stylish look.

Look for fun patterns. Patterned towels show a great deal of color interest and are a great way to tie the different shades of your bathroom together. The color or pattern of your towels should match your bathroom, including its walls, curtains, and other bathroom accessories. Look for tones that already exist in your bathroom and try to find a towel that infuses those color tones into the towel’s pattern.

Also remember to use patterned towels sparingly. While the patterns may match the theme of your bathroom, repeating a pattern all throughout can be overkill. Tone down the look of a patterned towel by mixing it with others in neutral solid shades. For example, a black and white striped towel will look fresh in between white towels. But, if you already have a heavily patterned shower curtain, steer away from using additional patterns in your towels.

Mix patterns within your towels. Because pattern mixing relies on the thoughtful layering of various prints and patterns you can create an eye-catching visual landscape. In creating a cohesive pattern story there are a few key rules for mixing patterns like a pro: scale, color scheme, and symmetry.


Embrace floral towels. Floral towels aren’t just for your grandmother’s bathroom; they’re also a great way to infuse your bathroom with a country-chic style. From traditional botanical inspirations to contemporary abstract styles, coordinate your look with matching wash, hand, and bath towels. This ensures that your bathroom linen will look fashionable when in use as well as when stored on a towel rail or shelf.


Try to set floral towels against solid towels to give your bathroom a vintage throwback feel. Floral towels add a delightful pattern and tone to existing bathroom décor. Do not mix floral patterns, as this will prove visually overwhelming.

Remember that the best way to match your towels to your bathroom and to mix patterns like a pro is with Sttelli towels!