Tips to understand what makes a towel a good towel

Bath towels are everyday items that are both practical and ornamental. Is it possible to feel passionate about a bath towel? At Sttelli, we think so. After all, the right towel is practical when you use it, and decorative when it's hanging on the towel rack.

Bath towels are an integral part of the bathing routine for you and your family, so special consideration must be given when choosing which towels to purchase for one's home. You want your bath towels to look nice, feel soft, and do a good job of drying you off. Here's what you need to know to find a towel that does its job beautifully: consider material composition, size, weight, construction and color when you buy bath towels for your bathroom.

  • 1. Bath Towel Material: Material Composition is the most important feature of a bath towel. Most bath towels are made of cotton, but cotton towels vary in their softness, absorbency, durability, and color-fastness. It is crucial to always check the labels or otherwise verify a towel is actually made of the materials advertised. For enduring coziness, check the tag for 100% combed cotton.

  • 2. Bath Towel Size: Watch for different sized towels - ordinary towel size is fine for the average-sized person but taller or larger people might prefer a bath-sheet. It feels luxurious to be wrapped entirely in your fluffy bath-sheet. 

  • 3. Bath Towel Weight: Plush towels weigh at least 21 ounces, while luxury bath towels weigh anywhere between 24 and 28 ounces. A lighter towel made with luxury material may feel superior compared to a heavier towel made with lower grade cotton.

  • 4. Bath Towel Construction: A good bath towel is both soft and strong. Bath towels can be constructed with different methods to improve quality. A durable bath towel has a strong material, the strongest being Egyptian cotton. Bath towels with double-turned edges with double stitching are extra tough for washing machine and dryer usage.

  • 5. Bath Towel Color: Although all bath towels serve one utilitarian purpose, they can also be an expression of one's individual preferences and sense of style.
  • Take a look at your space and determine what type of bath towel will work for you. Your towel color should work with the current colors and design scheme, so they fit in, and create a cohesive look.

Remember, bath towels are far more than something to dry off with, they can also be an expression of one's individual preferences and sense of style. Choose Sttelli Towels to provide a luxurious, almost spa-like setting, and feel in your bathroom. Make an experience that can be enjoyed by not only yourself and your family but also to impress your guests and make them feel like they are staying at a high-end hotel.