Pack your suitcase like a pro!

When you pack light, you can concentrate on what your adventure is going to be. Don’t add stress to your trip packing lots of things you don’t need. But if you have less luggage, you also have to be smart about what you take and how you pack. The goal is having everything you need but using less space in your suitcase. Follow these steps to pack your suitcase like a pro.

Make a List

The key to making sure you take what you need is to start with a packing list. Take your list with you on the trip so that nothing gets left behind when you’re re-packing for your return.

Mix your items

Don’t pack a completely new outfit for each day, take items that you easily mix and match into multiple outfits. Choose neutral colors, so it will make it easier to mix everything. 

Pack in the right order

Be smart about the order in which you place items into the suitcase. Heavier items must be in the base and softer item on the top. Also rolling up your clothes can help you save space so you can pack more items.

Use every single space

The inside of your shoes is also a great place to pack small items like your sunglasses. Try placing small items in a Ziploc bag and then putting them inside your shoes.

Use compression bags to utilize even more space in your suitcase. These will also make it easier to find what you need in a large suitcase. So now, enjoy your trip and get the best of your experience without carrying a huge luggage.