Packing for a bussiness trip

Packing for a business trip may be a difficult task, because you want to be sure that you bring everything you need. You also want to have plenty of space to utilize all different sizes of your Sttelli suitcases. We want to help you on how to manage these concerns. 

- Choose the right suitcase. 

This is the most important task you have to achieve. Start with getting a hand bag to carry the items that you need immediately like your laptop, paperwork, and maybe a book/e-reader/tablet and a granola bar.

Next consider the different size Sttelli suitcases you have to choose from to pack all the right outfits for your trip. Utilize all the compartments and pockets the suitcases have to offer so you have plenty of space for it all.

- Bring the right outfits 

If you are travelling seven days, it doesn’t mean you have to pack seven outfits. Instead you can interchange items. Bring a jacket and a pair of trousers, mix and match them up to create different outfits.

- Ditch the colors. 

Black is your friend, it matches everything. One pair of black jeans, two black t-shirts and one jacket: it can’t be easier. 

- Prevent wrinkles. 

If you're concerned about wrinkles on your jackets, turn it inside-out (sleeves get pushed through), and wrap it around softer items like t-shirts and underwear. A jacket is a jacket: two is enough. Wear one on the plane and pack the other. 

- Make sure your batteries are fully charged  

Fully charge your shavers, cameras, iPods, cellphones...everything you think you will need. You may be surprised by how long your trip can seem if you forget to charge all your electronics. Make sure to pack your charger as well.

Use these tips to take advantage of your Sttelli suitcase every time you travel.