Konmari methodology to keep your bathroom organized.

Have you heard about the Konmari methodology to keep your stuff organized? This method was invented by a Japanese woman and it is changing the way we organize our home. In this article, we will use her tips for organizing the Bathroom.


Ask yourself: what's in your shower? Sometimes your bathroom can be full of shampoos, conditioners, bath brushes, soaps, cleansers, razors, etc. We never use all of them everyday. Many of these items remain in our shower even when they have already been 95% used-up.


Kondo’s method of organization is to discard everything that doesn’t bring you joy. Take the time to do one intense tidying session. Then only keep the items that you love. She guarantees that once you commit to this method, you’ll love it, and you’ll keep using it forever.


Here are 2 steps to apply the method and organization of your bathroom:


-       Get rid of those 95% used-up items first.

Throw away the items that you have used-up and replace them with brand new ones.


-       Check which items are the most important for you

Only keep the items that you actually love and use. What do you use regularly? What did you use this week? Those are your essential items. Allow a space for in the bathroom for these essential items.


You will enjoy the cleanliness of having nothing unnecessary in the bathroom. Let’s give it a try and tell us what you think about it on our Facebook or Instagram page.