Real food while traveling!

Here’s a very important detail to care about while traveling: FOOD.

When you travel often you might have trouble controlling what you eat. It can really become an issue if you usually try to eat as healthy as possible.

Just because you can be more relaxed during your trip, it doesn’t mean you should break free of all of your routines. To avoid this, it’s better to plan ahead and not to allow for sugar and processed foods to be part of every meal. No matter where your trip takes you…bring some food with you:

Eat a whole-wheat bread sandwich or wrap. Make it yourself or buy it from your local bakery before you leave. It is healthy and very easy to take with you.

Make homemade granola. It is easy to prepare and it is a delicious snack. We love to start the day with a bowl of oats, almonds, nuts, and fruit. No matter where you go, have this available as a snack, breakfast, dinner or anytime.

Take seeds, dried fruit, or popcorn with you. It’s great when you get hungry and you can just grab a snack from your bag. Bring more snacks than you think you’ll need, because you’d rather be safe than sorry.

If you actually want to enjoy your trip without dealing with junk food, organize one luggage with your food/snacks. If you will be staying at a location that has a full kitchen, we recommend that you go shopping and buy milk, fruits, vegetables, cheese, eggs, and seafood.

To conclude, if you plan to eat at restaurants while on vacation, you should spend some time researching options in advance. When eating at restaurants in general it is best to find places that support local farms and check their menu ahead of time.

We hope some of these tips are helpful as you head out on your next adventure!