How to feel happier in one week.


It’s a new week and you’re feeling positive but here are some tips on how to make it even better. Like all things health and wellness related, it is best is to start with small ways to increase your happiness. This is a seven-day guide to earning, exercising, and smiling more. For each day of the week, we've listed a change you should make and why it's key.

Sunday: Prep your clothes for tomorrow’s workout

The biggest obstacle for a person developing a workout routine is putting in the extra effort to actually do it. So if you prepare for your workout, then you will be more likely to do it.

Monday: Give yourself a healthy, happy treat.

What’s your favorite thing to do? What makes you happy? Take a few minutes in the evening to prepare for it, so the following day you are ready to do it. Whatever it is, make sure to include it in your daily routine. It might be going for a run, taking 10 minutes to stretch, meditating, yoga, talking to a friend, listening to your favorite music…this list could be endless. Just think of something small and easy to incorporate into your day.

Tuesday: Smile.

Assume you’re going to have a good day. You’ll be amazed at how you feel. Most likely, you’ll find that your desire makes it real: a positive mind can attract positive things.

Wednesday: Feel wonder at something bigger than yourself


Visit a museum or art gallery, attend a concert or even just look up at the starry night sky. Maybe take a trip to the nearest planetarium. According to scientists, feeling wonder at something bigger than yourself helps your mind and makes you feel happier.





Thursday: Make a healthy snack


Weather you work from home or go to the office, prepare a healthy but delicious meal to start changing your nutrition. Find a good recipe and why not, try a healthy dessert. It increases your body and mind’s energy.


Friday: Let the guilt go.


Guilt is one of the most useless feelings, in that the only person who suffers is yourself. Not only can it cause anxiety and unhappiness, but the feeling of hopelessness makes you more likely to make the same mistake in the future. Let go of guilt and you will feel better!


Saturday: Rest for a day!


It’s true that you need to exercise daily but it is also true that a day of rest day can boost your energy. Do what you love: stay reading your favorite book, listen to music, watch a tv series or sleep in. It is a nice gift for your mind!


Practice these tips every week and you will feel more positive!