The coziest bathroom checklist!

There's nothing better than coming home after a long day and enjoying a warm shower to de-stress. The bathroom has become a comfortable and practical space in your home that you can enjoy daily. Fortunately, creating a bathroom that's warm and welcoming is pretty easy. It's all about warm colors, soft fabrics, and surrounding yourself with things that make you happy. 

- Wall colors

If you want a bathroom to feel cozy and aren't sure where to start, try covering the walls with a dark paint color, that creates a sense of warmth. Just make sure that there's ade-quate lighting, so that the space doesn't feel like a cave.

- Eco-friendly décor 

Choose a design that incorporates natural materials that promote wellness. We recommend you use eco-friendly furnishings, raw fibers, and organic textiles.  Even the smallest deci-sions matter and can have a big effect on how your bathroom feels.

- Fresh Flowers

Decorating with plants and flowers is simple, and it can promote a positive energy flow in-to your home.

- Keep a book in the bathroom

If you love reading, try keeping a book in your bathroom, so you can read and relax while you soak in the tub.

- Clean towels

Make sure to always have some soft, clean towels on hand to end your bathing experi-ence properly.

With these recommendations, you will enjoy a pleasant and cozy bathroom to relax and unwind in daily.