Create a dreamy bedroom with Sttelli

Think about the most comfortable bed you have ever slept in, and what comes first to your mind? If it’s the sheets, a dreamy night’s sleep is within your grasp. Creating the perfect sleepy-time oasis starts with your sheets.

There’s something very special about climbing into your bed and snuggling into fresh and comfy bedding after a long day. Because sheets come in direct contact with our skin, they are as important as a quality mattress. For this reason, it is important to take care when choosing a perfect set of bed sheets. Understanding how sheets are made, including a basic knowledge about the fabrics, weaves, and finishes commonly found in sheets, will help you shop and find the right items for your bed. 

So, your sheets are key for your sleep satisfaction and the quality of your comforter, but also one of the easiest ways to add color and pattern to create your sleeping space. Your bedroom is the one room in the house that should feel like no other. We spend around one third of our lives in bed, so it seems only fitting that our bedroom should be as beautiful as possible. 

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep but do we really realize how much the interior decor and design can impact this? Your bedroom is where you end each day and start every morning a new. Getting the rest you need is so important to your quality of life that it makes sense to make certain that you set the stage for rest in your most personal space. Your bedroom decor is a chance to really reflect your individual style and create a look you absolutely love. 

You don’t have to be an expert interior designer to have a perfect sleep in your dreamy bedroom. You can create a bedroom that is stylish yet functional and calming. With the right color combination, even a color that is traditionally a no-go when thinking about bedroom design, can look chic and fresh.

Figuring out the perfect color combination for the bedroom design can be all you dream of with some simple ideas and tips, just remember to choose Sttelli bed linens in different sizes, colors, and styles for the perfect combination of beautiful, soft, and comfy sheets.