Wondering how you can prolong the life of your beach towels?

So, after great and busy summer days of surfing and sunbathing on the beach, and is time to clean those beach towels. Have you ever come out of the water and your beach towel does not dry you very well? It’s full of sand and it won’t come off? Or you just want to enjoy sunbathing and it’s too small? At Sttelli we’ve thought of everything because can you imagine a life without towels? Do you even want to? The world would be horrific without towels. 

The beach towel is not just an oversized, elaborately patterned bathroom towel, used to dry you off any which way. It has two distinct sides, designed for two very different purposes—and one side has absolutely no business in the bathroom.  Many people discover that, while beach towels are designed to be absorbent and super-soft on the skin, once they've had millions of grains of hard and wet sand all over them and embedded throughout, they're no longer the same.

With that in mind, let’s take a look on how to prolong the life of your beach towels, a type of towel that everyone needs in their lives. Because we believe everyone needs a great quality beach towel that they can rely on and that they know will be there for them for years to come. Follow these simple tips a habit if you want a long-lasting beach towel. 

Sake, dry and shake again. When properly washing beach towels is to give them a mighty shake. If you use your towels at the beach or lake where there is sand or dirt, let them line dry first. Then shake off all the sand and dirt then wash them. After washing your towels make sure they are completely dry before you put them away. 

Soak. Finally, before throwing it in the machine, fill up a basin with a nice, warm mix of water and soap and put the beach towel in. As you swirl it around, even more sand will come out. 

Color discoloration. Direct and extended exposure to sun light can destabilize certain dye stuffs at different speeds. Color discoloration occurs over time if towels are left in direct sunlight. 

You're ready for the beach again! Yes, they're called beach towels but we use them everywhere the backyard, pool, lake, park, and even the beach! Sttelli create the highest quality, on trend towels, for your enjoyment today, tomorrow and for many years to come. Because details matter and we want you to keep your beach towels in great shape for many summers.