What's the difference between a beach towel and bath towel?

They’re just towels, what’s the big deal? A Beach towel is for the beach and bath towel is for the bathroom. If you are struggling with this concept, go to your bathroom, stare at the towels there, notice that they are in the bathroom, and now leave them where they are. You are now at the beach, notice that there are towels on the sand and hanging out to dry in the sea-breeze, now leave the towels there and continue reading because beach towels and bath towels are fundamentally different.

Size: The biggest difference between bath towels and beach towels is size. If you're fairly observant, you will probably have noticed that beach towels are actually bigger and longer than bath towels. They're meant for lying on the beach, and the extra length gives a bigger space for a person to lie on. Why's that? Because while they still need to be able to keep you clean and dry, a beach towel has a higher purpose in life: a fashionable accessory, a statement, and the barrier between you and the sandy beach below your back. 

Appearance: Another key difference between a bath towel and a beach towel is in their appearance. A towel is made to complement the environment it’s found in. Viewed out of context, the most immediate way you’d likely recognize the difference between the two, is the stark color difference. 

Thickness: Beach towels are often thinner than bath towels. Because bath towels are subjected to more water, it's necessary for them to be thicker and more absorbent. Beach towels are used primarily as a barrier between a person and the sand of a beach or concrete around a pool. Because they are thin, beach towels dry quickly in the sun.

Sides: A beach towel is not necessarily the same on both sides. One side is more absorbent, designed to dry the body. Meanwhile, the other side is designed not to get soggy and clogged up with sand. 

Texture: Run your hand over that brand-new bath towel and you'll find its soft, absorbent, and luxurious. But get it soaking wet at the beach and it will be stained, sandy, and smelly after just one or two uses. The materials of a beach towel, on the other hand, are designed specifically to resist these side effects.

As a result, we can say that beach towels are made specifically for a day at the beach or pool, while bath towels have their own qualities designed for use at home. So for your next trip to the beach remember to take your Sttelli Beach towel and leave your Sttelli bath towel where it belongs, looking beautiful in your bathroom.