Transform your bathroom: Choose the appropriate colors for your towels

When you don’t have the time and money to redo your entire bathroom, adding new towels is a way to quickly and easily makeover your space. 


Your bathroom towels can be used to add personality to a previously dull room. Taking a little time to style your bathroom is so worth it, since this is generally the first room we go to in the morning and the last room we’re in before bed. Following a few simple tips will help transform your bathroom from boring to stunning!


Clean Look. White never goes out of style. There are no seasonal limitations on using white in your bathroom. It is simple, basic, versatile, and classic. The fluffy white towels look timeless and go perfectly with any bathroom or preexisting décor. So, if you are someone who likes the look of clean lines, then white towels may be the correct choice for you.


White isn’t known for making a splashy impression, but white towels come with lots of powerful perks in the bathroom. A bright pink or blue bathroom, for example, might need white towels with colored pink or blue hand towels to tie the colors together without being overwhelming. If your bathroom is currently neutral, colored towels are the easiest way to add visual interest.

Coordinate Colors. Although the basic white towel is a classic, it can give a clean, spa-like feel to any bath. If you wish to experiment with color, look for towels that add a pop of color. Feel free to layer or mix and match these for added interest. Create a special effect with your bathroom towels by buying different sized towels in various shades of the same color. Buy your largest towels in the darkest shade and lighten the shade as the size of your towels decrease.

The bathroom’s size also affects the color of your towels. Small bathrooms are unable to handle brighter colors as well as larger bathrooms because they will make the room appear smaller or more cramped. Because of this, you may choose neutral colored rather than deep or brightly colored towels for your bathroom.


Remember, whatever your style, the size or number of bathrooms you have, Sttelli high quality towels are a luxury that you deserve!