Sttelli is the luggage

What do business trips, conferences, vacations, weddings and reunions all have in common? All of these events involve traveling and you will need some sort of luggage! So, it’s important to choose the right type of luggage for your needs.

The perfect luggage bag protects your contents, is easy to carry, and is durable enough to survive hundreds of trips. But luggage is not one-size-fits-all and not all suitcases are created equal. It’s important to consider your travel style and cater to those needs when making your next luggage purchase.

There are many options available: suitcases, carry-ons, and other kinds of luggage usually come with wheels, a handle, and zippers. With that in mind, check out the most important things to consider before making your next travel investment and ensure the next piece you buy is a love match.   

First, narrow down your luggage search by focusing on size. The guidelines vary from airline to airline, but a good rule of thumb is to look for checked baggage that is less than 62 linear inches and carry-on baggage that is less than 45 linear inches (linear inches = upright height + depth + width). Always check your airline's website for information on what size bags you can check or bring onboard, and keep in mind that many airlines have different size requirements for international vs. domestic flights. 

Check the weight of the luggage pieces when they are empty. Lighter is always better. The heavier the bag, the less stuff you can put into it before you exceed the baggage weight limits imposed by airlines. 

Compare the luggage material. Luggage comes as either hard-shell plastic cases or soft-sided fabric baggage. A lot of lightweight bags are soft-sided, which is great for stuffing the bag into overhead compartments. These bags typically expand so they can accommodate up to 25 percent more if you need the space, and also absorb shock better than their molded counterparts. Hard-sided bags protect fragile items better, especially when the bags are being tossed around or smashed. 

Wheels. Think about mobility, suitcases come with either 2 or 4 wheels. The design of two-wheelers, which roll forward and backward, are recessed into the case; this saves a bit of space and also protects the wheels from damage but, you must drag it behind you.  Four-wheeled bags, or spinners, use wheels that rotate 360 degrees, which means you can turn the bag in any direction.

Feel the handles. The handles should be comfortable to grasp and should be placed on top of the luggage and on the side so you can easily pick up the bag. The best handles retract into the luggage or lay flush against the bag when not in use. Many travelers prefer a two-post handle system because of its ability to piggyback a smaller bag while in transit, or to support a laptop, briefcase, or tote while at rest.

Compare different luggage interiors to see what suits your style. The number, size, and configuration of luggage pockets or compartments are also considerations. For example, some luggage pieces come with organizer packs and pockets, while others have zippers sewn into the fabric that allow you to expand the interior of the bag.

Whether you are traveling for business or for leisure, your luggage is your travel companion and will follow you across the state, across the country or to the ends of the Earth. Have a worry-free, memorable, and stylish travel with Sttelli Luggage, your ideal companion!