Happy Sunning with Sttelli

Now that it’s officially summer, it’s totally acceptable and encouraged to spend all of your free time lounging outside and that means a trip to the beach at least a few days a week! Spending a nice day on the beach seems to be in everyone’s wish list, but do you think only a great hat, a lovely pair of slippers, and a new swimsuit will make your day great? At Sttelli we don’t think so, because after all, beach towels make one of the most necessary items for a lovely beach affair.


Now, you have your waterproof sandals, and you’ve hunted down a flattering swimsuit, so now all you have to do is head to the beach. Before you do, don’t forget about a towel. When it comes to beach towels, there are some secrets you need to be aware of. Unlike your regular towels, beach towels aren’t something that you would use to dry yourself in any which way.


Like all luxurious towels, the best towels for the beach are made of cotton. Its softness makes it a comfortable place to rest while its texture prevents water-logging.


Softer and more comfortable Beach Towels


Beach towels are made specifically for a day at the beach, the backyard, pool or lake! They're designed with extra length to give a larger area for a person to lie on. Before picking up the best looking towel in the store department, always consider three things: its weight, softness, and the comfort it provides. Choose a beach towel design that looks great but also meets these criteria. After all, you would want your beach towel to look good, make you feel comfortable, as well as dry you up perfectly after a dip in the salty waters.


Whether you're perfecting your tan poolside or going for a swim at the beach, complete your swimwear look with a chic beach towel. And remember that one of the most important features of a beach towel is its length. After all, you must be able to wrap yourself comfortably with it and, when needed, it should also double up as a colorful mat  to layout and sun bathe on. 


At Sttelli we know that a beach towel is essential for enjoying the day under the sun, so we’ve designed quality beach towels in fashionable colors and designs because you deserve the best!