Beat the heat with Sttelli Bedding

Treat yourself to 100% cotton sheets


We all know that the joys of summertime are many: family vacations, outdoor activities, ice cream cones, and days spent frolicking at the beach, just to name a few. However, we are all looking for ways to have a good night’s sleep even when the elements conspire against us! With or without air conditioning, many people have trouble sleeping in warm weather because they get too hot at night, or they can’t fall asleep easily in the first place. Our Sttelli Bed Sheet sets ensure that the summer heat doesn’t spoil your sleep.

You can't go wrong with cotton bed sheets

Sometimes, changing the bed sheets just feels like the right way to welcome a new season. Because when the summer temperatures swelter, heavy bedding is the last thing that you need. Once summer sends the mercury soaring, it’s time to put away any synthetic bedding and flannel sheets, as well.


Consider buying new bed sheets and replacing thicker blankets with a thin cotton blanket. Natural fibers like cotton were traditionally recommended for cool sheets. This is because cotton is a more breathable fiber and thus does not trap moisture. For example, a 100% cotton sheet is cooler than a polyester blend sheet, but some cotton sheets simply feel smoother and cooler than others due to the thread count or weave. Cotton sheets will ensure a peaceful and cool night’s sleep, even on the most humid of summer nights. Furthermore, cotton is also more durable and affordable than most alternatives. 

Sleep on comfy cotton sheets

Using cotton sheets during the hot weather keeps you feeling comfortable for a better night’s sleep. You can purchase a wide variety of sheets that range from natural fibers like cotton and cool silks to fabrics that are specially designed to keep perspiration at bay. Consider different sizes, styles, and colors to best match your home's décor and your personal taste. For instance, choosing white or a soft pastel adds a cool hue to the space. 


Remember to first check your bed's size and your bedroom's color schemes to find the right match. Regardless of the style of your bed, the décor of the room, or your own personal comfort level in relation to room temperature, there are many advantages to purchasing cool sheets for the hot weather.


Sttelli’s range of bed sheets will combat over-heating, with breathable fibers that cool body temperature and promote a restful night. You’ll sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.